Dazzling Crane Natasha 

$700 (Ems Included)

*the orders will start ship next week .

Skintone_light caucasian

Body_20 Joints

Material_ Japan Resin


Blond center parted pony hair 

Light grey eyeshadow

Glitter Fuchsia lips 


Feather-like black sequin dress

Fuchsia leagging 

Sandal heels

Feather head piece

Silver pleated clutch 


Head circumference 12cm

Chest 160mm

Waist 110 mm

Hips 175 mm

Height 415 mm

Foot length 50 mm

Foot width 17 mm

Glass Eyes 8 mm

Dazzling Crane Natasha ( Ems shipping included)

  • + Dolls are handmade on order . so the orders can not be canceled once payment has been made .
    + Pre-orders will ship in around 3-5 months or more due to all the doll items are handmade .
    + Colours may look slightly different from camera filter and your monitor setting .
    + Do not display the dolls directly exposure to the sun light and artificial lighting in the house .
    + The taxes and duties are not included.
    + We use EMS shipping method for international collectors.
    +The Balance due and EMS fee invoice will be sent by paypal before shipping.